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Website Design

So you need a website. One of the first things to ask yourself is "Why do I need this site?" Think about what you want to accomplish in your endeavor and how a website fits into that model. The first purpose of any commercial website is to increase your company's exposure and bring more clients to you. A website does this by providing information, entertainment or by providing products directly for sale. What does your site need to do for your audience?

Good design is an important part of your online presence. An attractive and easy to navigate design will keep your users attention and allow them to get the information they need. Know your audience and remember that you are not designing your commercial site for you, you are designing it for them.

Design & Development Process

Building a website is a process and user input is very important during the early stages. If you are ready to have a website be prepared to participate in the review and content gathering. It is ideal if you have all of your text and photos ready to go at the outset of your project.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Beta Site
  • Finished Site
  • Ongoing Maintenance
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