SSL certificate on shared email service

Email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) will display a warning message when attempting to make an SSL connection to our email service using as the incoming/outgoing mail server hostnames. The warning message will say that the server that is being connected to is using a certificate that cannot be verified.

The reason for this warning is the SSL certificate installed on our shared mail servers belongs to * and not the hostname that is being connected to (smtp.your-domain.tld). The email client is simply warning the user that the server they are connecting to may not be the server they think it is as the email client assumes that the user thinks the server they are connecting to is called

It is completely safe to click [OK] or [Yes] and continue connecting to our mail servers via the encrypted SSL connection despite the warning message.

All our mail servers have a dedicated SSL certificate installed on them. If a user wishes to avoid the above warning message, they must connect to the servers while using the name mentioned on the SSL Certificate installed on the server.

Instructions on how determine the hostname of the server you are connecting to can be found below.

cPanel Hosting customers

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Locate Administer/Upgrade domain along the left hand side of the page. Administer
  3. Search for or select the domain.
  4. Click [Administer].
  5. Click cPanel. cPanel
  6. Locate Current cPanel Machine 
  7. The name of the current cPanel machine is the hostname you must use in your email client if you wish to connect through SSL.
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