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Blackberry email setup tutorial

Required settings

Most supplied BlackBerry email software supports both the POP and IMAP email standards for receiving email. The following are the required settings which you will need to check/update:
  • Username - Enter your complete email address, for example: [email protected]
  • Password - This is the same password that you originally created in the console during the creation of your email address. This is also the password you use to login to Web Mail.
  • Incoming Mail Server - Set your incoming mail server to

Setting up your email account

The steps involved in setting up your email account are as follows:
  1. Log into the BlackBerry's Internet Service by entering your User ID and password information specific to your BlackBerry.
  2. Under Services select Email Accounts. Note: BlackBerry 9900 and other Bold/Touch distribution users will be required to select Setup on the Home screen, then Email Accounts.
  3. Click Add An Email Account.
  4. Enter your complete email address ([email protected]) in the Email Address field
  5. Enter the password for this email account into the Password field. You will then be asked to confirm your password.
  6. After entering this information, select Next.
  7. An error message will be sent to the BlackBerry, informing that the account was not automatically configured.
  8. Select Internet Service Provider Email which refers to POP/IMAP.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select I will provide the settings to add this email account.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Then enter your account settings information. Please ensure the email address box, which was automatically populated, is correct.
  13. In the Username field, enter your complete email address, for example: [email protected]
  14. In the Password field, enter the password for your email account.
  15. In the Email Server field type:
  16. Under Server Type select POP.
  17. Next to the option Use SSL, select No.
  18. Review your settings to ensure they are correct and click Next.
  19. Your account has now been successfully configured.
Note: Your BlackBerry's Internet Service should automatically check for new emails in your Inbox approximately every 15 minutes. Info Bahrain Web Design email servers do not support Push-Email or Push Extensions for IMAP. Standard IMAP and POP3 settings are to be used.
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